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For writers who can’t limit themselves to one or even two ideas at a time, Freewrite allows you to switch between three active documents.
Our E-Ink screen gives writers the closest impression of writing on paper in the digital age, while contributing to the excellent battery life of the Freewrite.
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Freewrite’s full size mechanical keyboard, complete with Cherry MX brown keyswitches, will always remain resolute under your typing genius.
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Escape the chaos and create.

Your inspiration heightens when you overlook your laptop and phone, leave the noise of the cities, and take your Freewrite to write. Indoors or outdoors, online or offline, day or night, you can escape and create anywhere. Without access to social media, YouTube and a browser, write undistracted, away from procrastination.

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Wordsmiths, start your writing streak.

Your story deserves to be told. We writers can be our own worst critics and this can stifle the first draft from ever materializing. The writing process of the drafting stage calls for quantity first and then quality. By facilitating the ease in which ideas become full first drafts, Freewrite helps writers realise their brilliant ideas into books and screenplays.


Write and never worry.

Freewrite’s cloud connectivity ensures writers remain unburdened with saving, restoration and recovery. Your documents are always safe, automatically saved and accessible anywhere when creating on your Freewrite. Unencumbered, you can now focus all of your energy on the true challenge, confronting the new white page with confidence.

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